LATVIA: storm damage claims to reach approximately EUR 13-14 million

22 August 2023 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The recent devastating storm of August 7 caused multiple losses, the amount of compensation in Latvia reached approximately EUR 13-14 million, according to the president of the Latvian Insurers Association, Janis Abasins, the Latvian news source wrote.

The president of the Association noted that so far insurers have received approximately 2,500 compensation applications, which make up the total of about EUR 13-14 million, however, he believes that this amount could still increase.

"For Latvian insurers it is now about EUR 13-14 million of losses, which are divided as EUR 4-5 million for health damage, EUR 4-5 million for property damage, and about EUR 3-4 million – for Motor Hull", Abāsins said.