Mistakes App Developers Should Avoid

9 August 2018 — Daniela GHETU
Mistakes App Developers Should Avoid
by Rilind ELEZAJ

In this techno savvy era, a smart device has become the most important instrument that performs numerous tasks in the age we are living in. Our transition and full integration of mobile technology shows that it is to here to stay and evolve.

An outstanding element of the mobile technology is undoubtedly mobile applications. What makes a smartphone attractive and addictive are different apps that are developed to make our lives easier and more fun.

Mobile apps have changed digital technology in an impressive way and have made almost everything possible with the use of smartphones. You can use mobile applications to book tickets online, connect to your bank account, and purchase goods online and several other activities.

Most businesses have adopted this remarkable feature of mobile phones for the growth and success of their business. But before you get to develop your app, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid as a developer.

Don't underestimate or overlook mobile app marketing

Mobile app marketing is essential for your app. Don't be too certain that consumers will get to you immediately after the launch no matter how good the app is. Competition among the app development company realm is getting stiffer day by day, and mobile app developers are scrutinizing innovative ways to market their apps in order to remain relevant in the app industry.

Most of then are going to the extent of using Omnichannel marketing strategies even before they launch their apps. If you effectively place your marketing strategies, your app will reach as many consumers as possible even before you officially launch it.

You need to consider the tips below when planning your marketing strategy for a mobile app:

- Do not wait until your app is submitted to the app store to launch your marketing campaign. The campaign should be compiled, planned and the certain actions should be taken previously to organize every move before its late.

- Do whatever it takes to familiarize yourself with your target customers and empathize with their needs and mentality. It helps if you identify the trends they are following and streamline the market

Don't complicate your app with too many features

According to Andrew Chen, an analyst at Silicon Valley, an average app loses approximately 80% of its users just after using it for three days. This can be attributed to the fact that most apps have too many features that might be irrelevant and can be a nuisance to the user.

Keep your app user-friendly and include features that are not complicated. Always remember consumers tend to be less satisfied with overcomplicated features.

Have plans to fix bugs on your app regularly

Bugs can be annoying and can cause the app never to be installed again. Mobile app developers should, therefore, be vigilant with bugs and have a way of fixing them occasionally. As a mobile app developer, don't rush to put your app on the app store. You need to be careful with app security and test it over all platforms and devices to ascertain that it is bug-free.

Don't use overcomplicated UIs

Most app developers think that creating cutting-edge apps is the way to impress the user. They are actually wrong. Most of these cutting-edge apps are complicated and use complicated UXs and UIs. You should always treat your user as a newbie and create apps they can easily navigate through. If your app has a smooth and facile user interface with no interruptive ads, the user will find it easy to navigate through from one screen to the next. Remember, an engaging UI motivates the user to use the app frequently.

Don't make your app a replica of your website

You might be wondering why companies are developing mobile apps while they have websites. The reason is that the two platforms have very different functionalities. Some of the features of the website might not function properly on the app. You need to create an app that is more polished and superior version of the website with value-added features.

How to avoid technical debt in app development

Technical debt in app development is the accumulation of common errors in design, poorly written codes and architecture. Technical debt is caused by a company opting to prioritize short-term results over long-term solutions.

It can be costly to debug the codes. Here are some standard designs you need to follow to avoid technical debt:

  1. Follow standard design patterns - standard patterns help software developers create reusable codes. In most cases, developers write codes without knowing the technical definitions of the codes. Following a standard pattern allows you to understand the codes and when to change them when you need to refactor.
  2. Use open source code - using reusable open source codes is another way companies are using to avoid technical debt. Open source organizations have done an incredible job of creating and maintaining reusable codes. You need to know however when and how to use them. You also need to look at how often the codes are updated. If the code is recently updated, then it is likely that it has been used by several contributors and is solid.
How technical debt leads to company destruction and financial consequences

Most app developers go for short-term results without looking at the consequences they might have on their company. They do not realize that the short-term results gained now can be a recipe for disaster in the future.

Technical debt slows the effectiveness of your company with time. It can cause smooth movement of your company to come to a complete halt. Technical debt also makes your job as an app developer more difficult, less rewarding and more time-consuming.

How technical debt leads to debt collection

Debt collectors and the technological development makes it possible for them to track down technical debt, and the process of your debt collection begins.

Debt collectors have stepped up their game in tracking down technical debt. They have adopted high tech methods to track down technical debt. Some of the methods are:

  • Ringless voicemail drops - debt collectors have scrubbed off regulations restricting how often they call consumers. They now use new software that inserts ringless voicemail drops.
  • Avatars - avatars have also been used by debt collectors for collection, they simply show up in your email inbox and smooth talks you into paying off the debt.
  • Speech analytics - Speech analytics is capable of detecting keywords of phone conversations to identify emotions collection agents and debtors. Conclusion Mobile apps have revolutionized how companies interact with their customers.

Developing and launching an app can be the next feasible action you will take that will bring its rewards, but not being cautious on certain aspects and ignoring important issues that determine the performance of your app, can create big consequences for your company leading to debt and frustration.

This article is written to warn you and cause awareness to all those who rush into making decisions without previous analysis and hard work for app development. If you can avoid all the possible mistakes we have enlisted, then you will enjoy a safe ride towards the success of an app.

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