Dr. Christopher LOHMANN: Gothaer Group is not conducting negotiations on selling its Romanian unit

For the last years, Gothaer Group's Romanian subsidiary, Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari, recorded sound growth numbers. 2017 meant a two-digit y-o-y growth (21.7%) in GWP, up to more than RON 119 million (EUR 26 million), a result that confirms solid development.

The y-o-y growth is just an indicator to prove that the local business is on the right track, following its long-term strategy and plans. And the Gothaer Group showing its full support in this respect and states that it is not conducting any negotiations regarding a sale of the local subsidiary.

"The business of Gothaer in Romania follows an ascending trend, which we are happy to witness, and shows that our plans are sustainable, and that all the investments we have made over the years in this company would eventually return the results we envisaged when we made the decision to enter the Romanian market", declared Dr. Christopher LOHMANN, CEO Gothaer Allgemeine AG and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari.

"We look confidently into the future, supplying full support from the Gothaer Group for a continued healthy growth on the Romanian insurance market. Professionalism, flexibility, innovation and a customer-centred approach are the keywords of Gothaer brand, and pillars of its mission on the local insurance market," Dr. Christopher LOHMANN added.

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