General Director,
Belarus Re

Belarus Re is constantly working on portfolio diversification. In 2019, the portfolio geography was significantly expanded thanks to participation in risks from Latin America. Belarus Re has also strengthened its position on the markets of the Middle East and India.

VIG - Vienna Insurance Group

For the first time in our history, we exceeded the 10 billion EUR premium limit and gained 10.4 billion EUR. We generated more than a half billion profit before taxes (522 million EUR), our net profit jumped by 23% to 331 million EUR and we improved our combined ratio strongly to 95.4 %. We are convinced that after the crisis, economic growth in the CEE region will again be stronger than in Western Europe.

EUROINS Insurance Group

We will continue to follow our growth strategy which is focused on turning EUROINS Insurance Group into one of the leading independent insurance groups in CEE and SEE as well as in the CIS countries. I believe that in future we will see more regionally-oriented insurance groups that will possess a better and more in-depth view over the concrete market they operate in. In this context, I think that EIG is well positioned in the current changing environment.

Head of International Business Development,
The Institutes | Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group

The Institutes are well-respected and widely known throughout the world. Although our content is aligned with the US insurance market — the largest p/c insurance market in the world — most of the content can be applied to any insurance market. We have established a proven track record for offering current, trending, and practical, cost-effective knowledge solutions in an easy to understand format.

INTERVIEW:: Selva EREN, General Manager, Turk Reasurans

We aim to be known as the first global brand emerging from the Istanbul International Financial Center. This requires Turk Reasurans to be a global actor competing in international reinsurance markets, moving beyond being an institution providing reinsurance capacity only within Turkey. Turk Reasurans has empowered Turkish reinsurance companies in terms of cost management and has enhanced their negotiating power with the strong reinsurance capacity it provides domestically and will provide in greater volumes in the upcoming years.