Insurance Europe published "Insure Yourself Wisely" guide

16 June 2020 —
Insurance Europe has today published a guide on how to "Insure Yourself Wisely". Recent events have shown just how important it is to make the right financial decisions and to understand the financial products you buy.

For insurance, it is particularly important to understand exactly what your policy does - and does not - cover. Three important things to remember are:
  • Choosing the right policy for you - While it is important to find a policy at the best price, make sure it covers all your needs.
  • Reviewing your coverage regularly - To be better prepared when an event occurs, read the terms and conditions of your policies, specifically what is covered and what possible exclusions there might be.
  • Making a claim - Should an unwanted event occur, and you do need to make a claim, contact your insurer immediately for assistance and advice.

The publication offers useful tips on how to insure yourself wisely for key life events, such as purchasing a house, travelling abroad or buying a car.

The publication is part of Insurance Europe's #InsureWisely campaign, which aims to increase financial literacy and awareness levels across Europe.

Financial education plays a vital role in ensuring that European citizens are equipped with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to improve their understanding of financial products and concepts. Insurance Europe also encourages EU policymakers and regulators to play a greater role in supporting this objective.