LATVIA: Compensa VIG will pay more than EUR 1 million indemnities for Lido fire incident

24 September 2020 — Cosmin CONCEATU
On the evening of June 11, a high-risk fire broke out in the meat processing and production workshop of the company "Lido", located in Riga. The flames had affected a two-story production building - a hangar-type warehouse, an administrative room and a smoking workshop. During the fire, a total of 600 square meters of premises were damaged.

The burning started due to an electrical short circuit. As soon as the smoke detectors located in the workshop were switched on, the company's security guards, based on internal regulations, immediately called the firefighters, who arrived at the site at 21.27. Two Lido employees, who were in the workshop at the time of the fire, managed to leave the premises before the fire brigade arrived. More than 30 firefighters of the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) were involved in extinguishing the flames.

KasparsNeivalds, Deputy Head of ADB Latvia Branch of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, explained:

"Lido has been our customer for several years, so when we noticed the first news about the fire in this company, we reacted immediately. From the very beginning, the information we received from various sources allowed us to judge the seriousness of the situation. Our insurance experts immediately drove to the scene of the fire and followed the extinguishing work. Once the firefighters had put out the flames, we started assessing the damage. Such promptness allowed us to review the insured event faster, as well as to pay indemnity."

After promptly evaluating the incident and calculating the losses incurred by the company, Compensa decided within three days to pay compensation in the amount of EUR 1.2 million for the premises, equipment and products damaged in the fire.


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