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- Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea.
- Neighbours: Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.

- temperate continental;
- Mediterranean only on the southern Crimean coast;
- precipitation disproportionately distributed, highest in west and north, lesser in east and southeast;
- winters vary from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland;
- summers are warm across the greater part of the country, hot in the south.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:69.7people/km2
GDP*:106.9EUR billion

Currency: Hryvnia
Code: UAH
Since: 1996

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:22%
Overall Motor*:27%




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Ukraine 1H2019 Insurance Companies Rankings

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Latest news

UKRAINE: 2020 Green Card policies will be electronic

Starting July 1st, 2020, a new Green Card electronic policy will be introduced in Ukraine. It will be accepted by all traffic authorities, controlling both domestic movement and movement between the countries of the system, said the General Director of MTIBU (Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine), Volodimir SHEVCHENKO.

UKRAINE: January-May MTPL growth exceeded 12% y-o-y

From January to May 2019, Ukrainian insurers generated MTPL GWP 12.3% more y-o-y, and the total number of MTPL policies increased by 3.5%, Forinsurer reports with reference to data published by MTIBU (Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine).

UKRAINE: 16 MTPL insurers got the highest evaluation rating in 1Q2019

The MTIBU (Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine) has published the results of Bureau members' financial stability and claim settlement quality; out of 51 companies licensed for MTPL, 16 insurers got the highest evaluation rating in 1Q2019, Forinsurer reports.

UKRAINE: annual MTPL growth from Jan-March reached almost 19%

For the period from January to March, insurers who are members of MTIBU (Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine) generated MTPL GWP of 18.82% more y-o-y. Total GWP amounted to UAH 1.08 billion (~EUR 35.34 million), Forinsurer informed.