GENERALI announced top management changes in GENERALI Poistovna, Slovakia

6 July 2020 — Andrei Victor
GENERALI announced that Georg ENGL stepped down from his positions as Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO in GENERALI Poistovna, in Slovakia for private reasons and has left GENERALI Group to pursue other professional opportunities.

With immediate effect, Juraj JURCIK, Chief Sales Officer, was appointed new Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO in GENERALI Poistovna, a.s. Roman JURAS became Country Manager of GENERALI Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and member of the Supervisory Board of GENERALI Poistovna, a.s. Juraj JURCIK, in his new role as CEO, keeps the responsibility for the sales area and reports directly to the Country Manager of GENERALI Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Roman JURAS keeps these new functions in addition to his current Management Board Chairmanship and his role of CEO in GENERALI CESKA pojistovna in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, Katarina BOBOTOVA became a management team member in GENERALI Poistovna, a.s. to oversee HR and Strategy in both countries, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Katarina BOBOTOVA maintains her roles in GENERALI CESKA pojistovna in the Czech Republic.

Luciano CIRINA, Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Officer and CEO of Generali CEE Holding, commented:

"Congratulations to Juraj JURCIK. I wish him great success in his new role. Juraj has been with GENERALI Slovakia for many years, knowing the organization and the local market very well. I am happy that Juraj together with Roman, newly appointed Country Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will further contribute to the successful development of our local operations. What's more, . Roman JURAS's combined role will allow us to have better access to the Czech and Slovak markets, sharing the best practices from both operations. We are open to explore the synergies in both markets in order to offer the best service to our customers. Last, but not least, I would also like to express my gratitude to Georg ENGL for his long-term contribution and commitment to GENERALI Group. I wish him all the best both in his personal and professional life."

Juraj JURCIK has been part of GENERALI Group since 1997 when he joined GENERALI Poistovna, a.s. In 2008 he took the position of Head of Accounting and Consolidation department in Prague, at the former GENERALI PPF Holding. Two years later, Juraj JURCIK went to Moscow to extend his working experience in insurance business, being responsible for the finance area at GENERALI PPF Insurance. In 2013 he returned to GENERALI Poistovna, a.s. as Board Member and Chief Financial Officer. Keeping his Board membership in the company, in 2016 he was appointed Chief Sales Officer. He graduated from the Economic University in Bratislava and received a Master's degree in Business Administration at Nottingham Trent University in Great Britain.

Roman JURAS joined GENERALI in 1996 when he became responsible for establishing GENERALI's subsidiary in Slovakia. He was appointed CEO of Generali Poistovna, a.s. in 2007. In 2008 he moved to Vienna working for GENERALI Versicherung AG as Head of Bancassurance. In 2013 he returned to the top management position in Slovakia and went on driving the company's development and guiding it towards long-term success and profitable growth. Roman Juras currently Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer in GENERALI CESKA pojistovna, the number one insurance company on the Czech market. He graduated from the Economic University of Bratislava.

Katarina BOBOTOVA has been part of the GENERALI Group since 2016 becoming HR and Organization Director in GENERALI Poistovna, a.s. in Slovakia. Two years later, in addition to her HR responsibilities, she became Strategy Implementation Officer, leading and coordinating the development of the strategic plan of GENERALI in Slovakia. Katarina leveraged on her wide experience also in the Czech Republic where she became a management team member and Chief HR and Strategy Officer in GENERALI CESKA pojistovna in July 2019.

GENERALI Poistovna, the third biggest insurance company in Slovakia, provides prompt and professional services thanks to its 612 employees and almost 600 internal sales representatives. There are more than 110 points of sale all over Slovakia. Gross written premiums experienced an increase in both main insurance segments. In P&C it grew by remarkable 6.5% to EUR 153 million and in Life insurance by 5,3% to EUR 108 million. Total GWP then amounted to EUR 261 million. GENERALI kept the third position on the market with a share of 10.4% (excluding investment contracts).

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