In memoriam: Simon FOREMAN

23 June 2022 — XPRIMM
Simon FOREMAN (1957-2022) trained as a reinsurance broker in Lloyd's of London and worked for the most reputable reinsurance brokerage firms (Jardines, Bain Clarckson, Bain Hogg, Aon, RFIB).

Simon got to know Romania from a reinsurance perspective and worked with the sole insurer even before there was a competitive insurance market here. After 1989, aware of the human value and development potential of the Romanian insurance market, he assumed the duty of honor to be directly involved in its structuring and development and always acted as a devoted self-proclaimed honorary ambassador of Romania.

He relied on his experience and his local and international alliances to help define, for the first time in Romania, the status of the insurance and reinsurance broker, the role of professional associations, the rules of good practice in customer relations, the content theoretical and practical training for professionals in the field. An excellent negotiator in the interest of his clients, Simon was also a devoted speaker at professional meetings in the field (FIAR, ICAR) and participated as a guest lecturer at countless events. As a representative of Aon and RFIB, Simon obtained the recognition of the Romanian insurance market through the XPRIMM awards for reinsurance brokers.

Inspired and enthusiastic, Simon has been involved in large-scale projects in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly on protection against natural disasters, and has acted as a liaison between government, clients, insurers and international reinsurance markets. In Romania, his involvement in the creation and operation of the Natural Disaster Insurance Pool, since the beginning of the project, has been essential for its success.

Simon deeply understood and loved Romania and its people and has permanently contributed to sustaining Romania's image as a reliable partner in international insurance and reinsurance relations.

Simon FOREMAN has been respected and loved by all with whom he has worked or met throughout his life and remains a landmark of integrity and professionalism.

God rest him in peace!

Sincere condolences to the family!

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