RUSSIA: 2nd practical conference "Bancassurance. Era of ecosystems" - update

7 September 2020 — press.release
On October 1st, 2020, the magazine "Bankovskoe obozrenie" and "BusinessDrom" analytical center will hold a conference dedicated to partnership between insurers and banks as well as intermediaries and marketplaces.

The event will bring together heads of insurance organizations, banks, regulatory authorities, media representatives and financial market analysts to discuss prospects, changes in the structure and dynamics of bancassurance.

Banking ecosystems represent a different approach of working with partners and service providers. This is another reality in which relationship between insurers and banks is reaching a new level. Ecosystems are occupying an increasingly large niche in the economy, accustoming consumers to receive all financial and non-financial services based on one-stop principle. What role will insurance companies play in ecosystems and how bancassurance will develop further? What will be the main bancassurance channel in 2020: ecosystems, marketplaces, or SuperApps?

To be discussed:

  • How to highlight a product on the marketplace without competing in price?
  • What real opportunities do ecosystems bring for cross-selling?
  • How and where to interact with "new generation" of consumers?
  • What is the future of bancassurance with the advent of SuperApps?
  • How are chat bots changing customer service and format of communication with customers?
  • How can insurance companies build relationship with consumers and partners?
  • What services increase customer loyalty?

Registration is available at the link:
Organizers: Analytical center "BusinessDrom", magazine "Bankovskoe obozrenie"

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