KOSOVO: Insurance Association of Kosovo proposes legislative solutions for the uninsured vehicles problem

23 September 2020 — Cosmin CONCEATU
It is estimated that about 140 thousand unregistered / uninsured vehicles circulate on the roads of Kosovo, which cause damage to millions of insurance companies, but also the Kosovo budget, the Insurance Association of Kosovo reports.

According to the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK), EUR 4.4 million in damages were paid by insurance companies during 2019 for unregistered vehicles. In January this year, the Insurance Association of Kosovo, led by Sami Mazreku, has prepared a project proposal to reduce the number of unregistered / uninsured motor vehicles.

According to the document, reducing the number of unregistered and uninsured motor vehicles remains a challenge for various state institutions as well as other stakeholders, such as insurance companies. This concern directly affects some institutions for which, according to the legislation in force, derive legal rights and authorizations to address and regulate the problematic issue in question. What needs to be assessed in advance is the adequacy of the measures that the institutions and the authorized parties have the right to take to properly address this phenomenon. Among the institutions with competence for the treatment of this phenomenon, respectively the registration of motor vehicles in road traffic is the Ministry of Internal Affairs, No life in the Republic of Kosovo.

Advocating for the observance of applicable laws and their advancement, the Kosovo Insurance Association has played and will continue to play its role to increase the awareness of policyholders, respectively all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo about the importance of insurance in general. as well as the effects from the realization and loss of rights that may result as a result of non-registration and non-insurance of motor vehicles. "Mobilization and inter-institutional cooperation is necessary for all the above-mentioned actors, to take concrete measures and steps in reducing the number of unregistered and uninsured motor vehicles, which we will first try to elaborate and then by groups. which may be formed by the Central Bank of Kosovo will be addressed in more detail,

This project proposal for reducing the number of unregistered / uninsured motor vehicles is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: The Ministry of Internal Affairs must take the necessary measures to draft an administrative instruction for the implementation of the definition given and the certain cases when a motor vehicle can be treated as an out-of-use vehicle. According to legal provisions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs should issue the proposed administrative instruction to deal with motor vehicles which, according to the records of the Vehicle Registration Center, have not continued the registration for more than two years, removing them.
  • Phase 2: The Ministry of Internal Affairs should take similar actions as in phase 1, by adopting a special administrative instruction for the registration of motor vehicles. In cases when the owner of the motor vehicle does not continue the registration in time, but it does not reach the period of non-registration of two years, certain measures should be taken to inform motor vehicle owners about this problem and not financially punish them.
  • Phase 3: For motor vehicles that are out of use, citizens will be subject to fines and will be obliged to deregister these vehicles, so that in the official registers we have the real number of vehicles without registration and thus, joint campaigns will be focused in this regard. The assessment of the legal basis for amending the Law on Vehicles is necessary to enable the assignment of competencies to the Kosovo Police, for the seizure of motor vehicles which are not registered and have not contracted compulsory motor third party liability insurance (MTPL). Partial change of the legislation is needed so that would enable the Kosovo Police to confiscate motor vehicles that have not contracted compulsory insurance and have not been registered, because currently such an action is not currently possible to be taken by the Kosovo Police (while in countries of the region this is an easily applicable practice).

Source: shs-ks.com

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