Lloyd's forms new leadership structure to deliver Blueprint Two

19 January 2022 — Andrei Victor
Lloyd's announced a new operational structure for the delivery of its transformational Blueprint Two programme following the departure of Lloyd's Chief Operations Officer (COO) Jennifer RIGBY.

"Jen leaves Lloyd's on 21 January and under the new structure Burkhard Keese, currently Lloyd's Chief Financial Officer, will take on additional responsibility for Technology and Operations as Lloyd's Chief Operating Officer".

Bob JAMES, Director of Market Transformation, will be responsible for the delivery of Blueprint Two. Bob James joined Lloyd's in June 2021 to drive the uptake and adoption of the Future at Lloyd's products and services, and in this wider role he will drive forward the strategic vision as it moves from planning to the crucial execution and adoption phase.

Blueprint Two represents the delivery phase of Lloyd's comprehensive Future at Lloyd's strategy and sets out the digital-led change and execution plan which will transform the way in which Lloyd's and the London Market operates.

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