POLAND: Rankomat: MTPL policy in July more expensive than last year

16 August 2023 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In July, the average price of MTPL policy for owners of motor vehicles was PLN 518 (~EUR 117.46), while in the same period of 2022, it was PLN 497, which means that the current premium is 4.9% higher than a year ago, Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa wrote based on the insurance report of RMF FM and Rankomat.

Rankomat's motor insurance expert, Kamil Sztandera believes that further increases are very likely soon. One of the reasons is that the average claim value skyrocketed – he emphasized that according to the data of the Polish Chamber of Insurance, the average claim value is currently PLN 8,800, which is 15% more y-o-y.

*EUR 1 = PLN 4.41 (31.07.2023)