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author: OCHA/ ReliefWeb

- Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea;
- Neighbours: Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova.

- temperate climate;
- cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog;
- sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms.

Natural hazards:
- earthquakes, most severe in south and southwest regions;
- geologic structure and climate promote landslides.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:81.9people/km2
GDP*:202.7EUR billion

European Union:
EU member, since 2007

Currency: Leu
Code: RON
Since: 2005

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:12%
Overall Motor*:57%



ROMANIA: a new player on the MTPL insurance market

The Romanian MTPL insurance market has a new player, after the Council of the Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F.) authorized, during the meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, the company EAZY Asigurari S.A. to operate on this line of business.

Adrian MARIN reconfirmed at the helm of GENERALI Romania

Adrian MARIN’s mandate as Member and President of the Directorate at the company GENERALI Romania Asigurare Reasigurare S.A.was renewed, receiving the approval of the Council of the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority on August, 23.

Romanian insurers awarded for their achievements throughout the last year

The Romanian insurance industry will celebrate tonight its achievements at the 23rd edition of the Insurance Market Awards Gala. The Awards Gala represents a culminating moment in the industry's calendar, the occasion to recognize and celebrate the achievements of insurance companies and professionals.

STATISTICS: ROMANIA, 1Q 2023: under the first effects of the Euroins failure

Romanian insurers reported GWP worth EUR 957.9 million in Q1 2023, which is only 1.74% up y-o-y. Out of this total, life insurance accounted for 16.75% share, with GWP of EUR 160.4 million, by 0.7% less than in the previous year. Non-life insurance saw a positive growth rate of 2.24%, to EIR 797.5 million, which is a rather modest evolution after the 2022 results.

ROMANIA: insurance brokers intermediated GWP worth EUR 2.52 billion

GWP distributed by Romanian insurance brokers in the local market increased by 26% in 2022 compared to the previous year, up to almost RON 12.5 billion (EUR 2.52 billion). Thus, they distributed almost 76% of the total premium volume in the industry, the Financial Supervisory Authority's report reads.

Eurohold accuses hostilities on Euroins Romania

Eurohold Bulgaria, a leading energy and financial group in Southeast Europe, accuses an organized attack against Euroins Romania, the largest insurer on the Romanian insurance market and the biggest unit of Euroins Insurance Group, the holding's subsidiary insurance group.

Euroins Romania more than doubled its non-MTPL business in Q2 2022

Euroins Romania, the MTPL market leader in Romania, with an almost 32% market share on this LoB, increased its effort to extend the company business on the facultative insurance side. Non-MTPL GWP and number of contracts more than doubled in Q2 2022, the company said.

STATISTICS: ROMANIA 1H2022: Close to the EUR 2 billion threshold, growing by 36.5% y-o-y

Romanian insurers achieved GWP worth RON 8.76 billion (EUR 1.77 billion), in 1H2022, data provided by the supervising authority show. Considering also GWP by companies operating in Romanian based on the Freedom of Service (FOS) and Freedom of Establishment (FOE) rights, the total value of the local market climbs to EUR 1,92 billion.

Alexandru Ciuncan is the new PDG of the Romanian Insurers Association

The General Assembly of UNSAR - the National Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania, an organization to which 20 insurance companies representing about 90% of the insurance market belong - appointed on Thursday, by vote, the members of the Board of Directors for the next three years.

ROMANIA: Euroins is the non-life insurance market leader after Q1

According to Financial Supervisory Authority's latest report, Euroins Romania ranks first in the non-life insurance market hierarchy after Q1 2022, with a market share of 23.2%. The company has sold by 36% more policies in Q1 2022 as compared to Q1 2021, reaching a total of 1,2 million policies.

Romania: EBRD supports insurance market's development

The EBRD is optimistic about the development of the Romanian and regional insurance market, after record-breaking results for 2021 from Bulgaria's Euroins Insurance Group (EIG), led by the strong performance of its largest entity, Euroins Romania Asigurare Reasigurare, the bank said in a press release.