CROATIA: Changes in the Management Board of Allianz Hrvatska

9 March 2023 —
The Supervisory Board of Allianz Hrvatska approved appointment of Josipa Parac Bistrovic as a new member of the Allianz Hrvatska Management Board. Josipa Parac Bistrovic officially started holding the position on March 3, 2023, with a mandate lasting 3 years and will be responsible for product management, reports.

Josipa Parac Bistrovic started her professional career at Allianz in 2004 in the Department of Accounting, Administrative Support and Finance, and from 2013 she moved to leading positions related to products, holding the positions of the director for non-life insurance development, director of motor vehicle insurance, and then director of the non-life retail insurance sector, where she worked until she was appointed as a member of the Product Management Board. During the past years, she led a series of strategic projects that were of great importance for the Company and contributed to the growth of Allianz on the domestic market.

"It gives me great pleasure to be appointed as a new member of the Management Board and I thank the Supervisory Board for their trust. As a member of the Management Board, I will contribute to further development of innovative and unique insurance products to provide our clients with the best possible service. I look forward to all the business challenges and successes that are ahead", commented Josipa Parac Bistrovic.

Allianz on the Croatian insurance market is experiencing constant growth, and last year the company achieved record business results in Croatia and strengthened their position as one of the largest and most reliable global financial institutions.