ESTONIA: 30% of the population and only half of borrowers have life insurance

8 November 2022 —
According to the Estonian Insurance Companies Union (EKsL) and Market Research survey, half of Estonians have bank loans. At the same time, a quarter of people would not be able to cope in case of loss of income of one family member.

As Mart Jesse, head of the Union, noted, people aged 31-40, with higher incomes and people with children are more often burdened with loans. "If you lose your health, there is a big risk of having trouble repaying the loan. If one family member is unable to work or if the family permanently lost one income, 26% of families would not be able to cope financially", said Jesse. "It would be possible for people to mitigate this risk with life insurance to see them through a difficult time with the money from the insurance. In the conditions of intensifying economic depression, mitigating family risks is very necessary. At the same time, only half of the borrowers have taken out life insurance", he added.

The survey revealed that 30% of the population and only half of borrowers have life insurance. 54% of respondents said that they would cope if one family member's salary lost.

According to the survey, 49% of the population aged 18-64 have a loan, 17% have a loan balance of up to EUR 10,000, 13% have a loan balance between EUR 10,000 and 30,000, and a fifth have a loan of over EUR 30,000.