Estonia: COVID-19 and the mild winter reduced the number of traffic accidents and the MTPL tarrifs

9 March 2021 —
According to the statistics of the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund (LKF), during last year were reported about 29,700 traffic events subject to MTPL insurance policies, which is 6,400 less than last year.

Thus, "the average annual premium for motor third party liability insurance was EUR 114, EUR 19 less than a year ago".

According to Mart JESSE, LKF CEO, the main reasons for the decrease in traffic accidents were the lower traffic frequency due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the mild winter of last year: "Due to reduced traffic accidents, the average price of MTPL fell from EUR 133 euros to EUR 114 euros during the year. While traffic accidents within Estonia decreased by 16%, there were also 30% fewer accidents abroad with Estonian vehicles. People traveled significantly less during the pandemic".

According to JESSE, despite the total number of accidents decreased, the share of serious insured events increased. "Despite the number of injuries decreased minimally, the number of deaths increased," JESSE explained. Last year, there were 1,364 injureds and 60 victims vs. 1415 and 53 victims during 2019.

Of the 29,700 motor third party liability insurance events in 2020, 27,400 occurred in Estonia and 2,300 cases were caused by Estonian vehicles abroad. The average MTPL claim was EUR 1,920.