NORTH MACEDONIA: ISA: in 1Q the most numerous complaints were about motor insurance and damage settlement

30 May 2023 —
The number of complaints submitted to the ISA by unsatisfied policyholders continues to grow. As expected, in 1Q2023 the most numerous complaints were related to motor insurance. At that, no complaint was submitted during this period only for one out of a total of 16 insurance companies, the ISA (Insurance Supervision Agency) said.

The ISA in the first three months of 2023 received 71 complaints from policyholders. The number of complaints submitted during the period increased by 14.5% y-o-y.

The most numerous (18) were complaints in which insureds complain about settlement of damages caused by traffic accidents. For property insurance, 9 complaints have been submitted, and 8 were about private health insurance and accident insurance.

Same as a year ago, in terms of the reason insureds are complaining the most about the basis on which companies pay for damages. In 1Q2023, 33 such complaints were submitted and that is 65% more than in 1Q2022.