TAJIKISTAN: Spitamen Insurance received the annual award “Favorite Brand of Tajikistan”

20 November 2023 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Spitamen Insurance, out of 16 professional participants in the insurance market of Tajikistan, became the only insurance company that received the annual “Favorite Brand of Tajikistan” award in the insurance industry, ASIA-Plus Media Group reports.

The Spitamen Insurance team received the highest award in the “Reliable Partner” nomination for its contribution to the development of the insurance market.

This was the 10th edition of the large-scale and unique event “Favorite Brand of Tajikistan” in the country. Both leading and young companies and enterprises in the field of goods and services take part.

The insurance and reinsurance company - Spitamen Insurance was founded in 2008 and has already made a great contribution to the development of the insurance market in Tajikistan and occupies a leading position based on multiple important criteria, the source says.